6 Reasons to choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a present

We are on those dates so marked in the calendar in which everything revolves around a table full of dishes with the most elaborate recipes, prepared especially to share great moments with family and friends. It is time for reunions for those who live far from home and meetings where everyone who wants has a[…]

Tomato Pie dressed with Picual Pesto

There are thousands of different types and varieties of tomato. Throughout the history of this fruit, more than 10,000 different varieties have been counted. They are native to Central and South America and it was in Mexico, where they were used for the first time as food. It is a fruit with high vitamin content,[…]

Breakfast with extra virgin olive oil Gaulos

Fancy Version of our Classic Toast

Here we propose you a fancy version of the most typical Andalucian breakfast: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, GRATED FRESH TOMATO, and BREAD. This breakfast is very healthy and gives you the necessary energy to start your day. This breakfast finds its origins in the people who used to work on the farms. They used all[…]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Classification Of Fats

The fats we get from food come in the form of triglycerides with three fatty acids attached to an alcohol glycerol. Fats are classified as saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated based on the number of double bonds between the carbon atoms in the fatty acid chains. In saturated fats, there are no double bonds between the[…]