Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Classification Of Fats

The fats we get from food come in the form of triglycerides with three fatty acids attached to an alcohol glycerol. Fats are classified as saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated based on the number of double bonds between the carbon atoms in the fatty acid chains. In saturated fats, there are no double bonds between the[…]

How to use Olive Oil when frying

Do you know what is the smoke point? It is the temperature at which smoke appears on the surface of the olive oil when cooking. It shows that the olive oil is very hot and it begins to lose properties. Olive oil, during the frying, suffers unfavorable transformations. When increasing the temperature the chemical processes[…]

Lámpara de aceite

What was the olive oil used for?

This post is about different uses of olive oil. As everybody knows olive oil is really tasty and it has a wide use to prepare delicious recipes. But apart from this, it has numerous positive attributes that make the olive oil a multifunctional product. The olive tree has always been considered as a sacred tree[…]

Aceites varios

What is the difference between Olive Oils?

Olive oils are graded by production method, acidity content, and flavor. The International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) sets quality standards that most olive-oil-producing countries use. There are three basic grades of edible olive oils: Extra virgin olive oil, Virgin olive oil, and Olive Oil and several types within each grade.   Then … WHAT IS[…]

Monte testaccio

The hill made of olive oil amphora: Testaccio

In 1878 Heinrich Dressel, a German archaeologist, discovered that the hill Testaccio was made of amphorae fragments used for the transportation of olive oil, mostly coming from Hispania. The Testaccio is a 30-meter hill on the left side of the river Tiber near the port of Rome. The amphorae reached the port of Rome, where[…]