Fancy Version of our Classic Toast

Here we propose you a fancy version of the most typical Andalucian breakfast: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, GRATED FRESH TOMATO, and BREAD. This breakfast is very healthy and gives you the necessary energy to start your day.

This breakfast finds its origins in the people who used to work on the farms. They used all the resources they had at that moment, resulting in a delicious breakfast widespread nowadays in all Spain.

You can use the variety of extra virgin olive oil that you like the most in this recipe, but I would recommend you to use CORNICABRA or PICUAL variety.

In this new version, we include also some extra ingredients: Avocado, RúculaFresh Cream and a bit of oregano. These ingredients consist largely of complex nutrients, fatty acid, and vitamins which make the recipe even more healthy than the original one.

We recommend you to start adding to the bread Extra Virgin Olive Oil, followed by the grated fresh tomato. If you wish, you can also add a bit of salt mixed with the grated tomato. Then, place some slices of avocado and some leaves of rucula on the top of the tomato. To finish the recipe, put a teaspoon of fresh cream in the middle of the toast and spread a bit of oregano on the top of the toast as well.



Breakfast with extra virgin olive oil Gaulos

Breakfast with extra virgin olive oil Gaulos


Then you are ready to enjoy this tasty toast full of spring notes!


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